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The engineering analysis is to investigate and predict rock mass behavior under structural foundations load that account for the behavior of the rock and the interactions between rock and structure will be designed. Comparisons of the performances of different designs will be made and optimal designs identified. We carry out analysis and design of tunnel excavation and support by understand the mechanisms of ground behaviors and using appropriate methods. It can result to identify estimation of foundation bearing capacity, rock slope stability, rock slope rating RSR, slope reinforcement which leads to obtain appropriate mining and civil construction methods and technology. By knowing the controlling design and construction characteristics of each, we may combine the known client’s site conditions and design requirements such as surcharge loading and impacts to existing infrastructure to select the most appropriate design system. Cavern design for energy storage is one of our expertise which can provide service to support renewable energy industry.


We offer you a full range of servicing and consulting to develop infrastructure as required focus on the following;

  • Engineering Analysis
  • Foundation analysis and Design on Rock
  • Tunneling Engineering
  • Rock slope and stability
  • Retaining Wall Design
  • Compressed Air Energy Storage Cavern Design


Foundation is the most important of the infrastructure