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Environmental Geomechanics

We believe that healthy environment can go together with industry development. We can utilize our in-house technology to help client meeting their commitment to reduce the potential for environmental impacts from client activities and operations.

Our various techniques can provide the best solution to mitigate the environmental risk such as underground waste storage, deep well injection, salt carven design for containing toxic waste and environment monitoring wells.

All these technologies come with providing the adequate assessment planning and design procedures.

en2Also, for the natural gas storage in salt caverns, we consult customers to design the caverns with the integrity of geomechanical perspective.

The technology for designing the caverns will be adequate before making a potentially risky financial investment. The subsidence caused by any such mining activities has to be minimized and controlled.

We provide supplementary as below services to save the environment from hazardous infrastructures and mining activities;

  • Deep Well Waste Disposal injectionen3
  • Design of underground disposal of toxic and mine wastes
  • Natural Gas Storage Design and stability in Salt Cavern
  • Prediction and control of surface subsidence

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