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Geological Drilling

The drilling and exploring subsurface need to be done to understand better the nature of underground and to prospect the economic profit.

geo1We will apply various Geophysical methods to image the subsurface such borehole logging and seismic exploration technique, to guide the subsequent drilling program or to delineate particular geological features that may affect the mining operation. The monitoring wells will be drilled to collect representative groundwater or rock samples from specified depth intervals. However, cost, time and other factors must also be considered. As well as, we provide rigs which are specifically adapted to customer and project requirements offering high technical standards based on high technology.

At GMS, we have different types of the drilling rig that can support the client in multi-disciplinary both underground and surface including rock foundation evaluation, coring and sampling, mineral mining exploration and civil structural foundation.

geo2We also continually developing and striving to improve our processes to enhance drilling performance and can drive the project to success and achieve on time schedule and also cost efficiency.

The following areas  of Geological Drilling we provide are;

  • Drilling and subsurface exploration
  • Drilling well for Seismic exploration
  • Drilling Monitoring well
  • Drilling for Instrumentation
  • Deep Well Drilling Operation
  • Well drilling and construction for Solution mining

More than 50% cost saving for core drilling in Potash mining operation