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Mining Engineering

m01Mining techniques for salt and potash deposits can be divided into two common extraction techniques: underground and solution mining. However, operating costs for underground mining techniques are generally lower compared to solution mining techniques which are energy and water intensive.  For mine sealing and backfill, there are several purposes to do, for example,  limit/prevent surface subsidence as the result of excavation collapse, provide a location for disposal/isolation of mine tailings, and to prevent subsequent intrusion into abandoned mine workings. We brainstorming with our clients closely at the project scoping stage foster innovation in bringing out project development alternatives for analysis and ranking. Preferred solutions are identified through detailed mine engineering and trade-off studies. Simulation underground design, optimized production scheduling, and mine cost modeling are used to assess project economics, beginning at an early stage in the planning process. All mine design and schedule opportunities are left open until an optimized plan is defined and accepted. Falls of loose rock create unsafe working conditions and some form of support is required, then, tensioned rockbolts are most effective in retaining loose blocks or wedges of rock near the surface of the excavation. Since the amount of loosening does not usually penetrate very far into the rock mass, the support is only required to hold up the dead weight of the loose material. Mechanically anchored rockbolts, with the addition of mesh where small pieces of rock are likely to fall out between bolt heads, provide very effective support for these conditions.

m02At GMS, we design and develop the high precision and cost effectiveness of instrumentation for geotechnical structure. Moreover, we provide the monitoring system that can take care the mining and civil structural in the long term which assists our client to predict and prevent the potential failures.

Mine safety is the first priority for the workforce and we can provide both services and equipment that ensure people in the mine are educated and work safely under the risk such as escape and rescue, fire and explosion, methane prevention and occupational health.

We proud to serve the entire of mining engineering  covering from initial to the final operation and also safety  as:

  • Salt and Potash Mining
  • Mine sealing and backfill
  • Underground Mining Design
  • Underground Support and Retaining
  • Instrumentation for Mining
  • Mine Safety System

Guarantee high quality mining engineering services